We can speak of Trappist beer only when the brewing process takes place within the walls of the legendary Trappist abbey. It is worth mentioning that the local monks cover the cost of living from this activity, and the remaining part of the income is allocated to the broadly understood charitable aid.


So much for the history, and now it’s time for the most important part – almost half of the 12 Trappist beers in the world come from one small country called Belgium. They are: Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle and Westvleteren.


This association is actually one big conglomerate bringing together a wide range of products – from biscuits, chocolate, soap to the most important beers for us. Each product from this wide range confirms its originality by having an appropriate logo with the words “Authentic Trappist product”. This logotype is a guarantee of the highest quality and a strong rooting of the product in the history of Belgium.

Logo autentyczności


The Trappist beers we offer are distinguished by the fermentation process taking place in the bottle. This is what influences their taste, but also is related to the special way of serving it. Like every precious drink, it has its own requirements, the fulfilment of which will allow us to enjoy the best.

  • Store the beer vertically and pour it slowly, the yeast won’t end up in the glass and your trappist will stay clean and clear. Beer connoisseurs drink yeast (sediment) separately, by the way it is worth noting that they are a natural source of B vitamins.
  • Store the beer upright in a dark place with a constant temperature of 8 to 14 ° C. Cold cloudiness may occur at lower temperatures. Let the bottle stand for at least a week before pouring. This way the yeast (sediment) will sink to the bottom and your eyes will enjoy a nice and clear beer in the glass.
  • Pour the Trappist into the accompanying glass to fully capture the complexity of the character and fully enjoy the rich foam. Make sure you have grease-free glass so that the foam doesn’t disappear immediately.
  • Tilt the glass and start slowly pouring the beer around the edge. Continue pouring in one motion and finish in the center of the glass. This will give you the perfect foam head.
  • To obtain a nice foam, do not wash the glasses in liquid dishwasher or in a dishwasher. It is best to rinse the vessel under running water and dry it.

Leave about one centimeter of beer in the bottle. This is a yeast base that you can drink separately. The yeast base is rich in vitamin B and has a blood purifying effect. Cheers and enjoy!


Unlike wine, beer is actually swallowed during tasting. The reason for this is that you would otherwise lose some noble bitterness. Full tasting consists of three stages:

  1. Appearance: After correctly pouring the beer into the glass, you look at it. Is the beer clear, hazy or cloudy? What color is it and what does the foam head look like?
  2. Aroma: by gently pouring beer into a glass, aromas are released. Now answer your questions: does beer smell like citrus? Or maybe it has a slightly sweet smell that is closer to coffee or chocolate?
  3. And the most important stage, which is the essence of the above two steps – tasting and devoting ourselves to a real feast for the palate.

And now most importantly, enjoy your beer and this special moment!