Westmalle Tripel


Westmalle Tripel was first brewed in 1934. The recipe was refined in 1956 and has not changed since then.
Westmalle Tripel is a (light) clear Trappist beer with a golden yellow color, with an incredibly fruity aroma of ripe banana and a beautiful, subtle, delicate hop bouquet (hop nose). In the mouth, it offers finesse and elegance, a mild flavor and a creamy aftertaste, with bitter notes supported by fruity aromas. The complex nature of Westmalle Tripel is due to the slow brewing process and re-fermentation in the bottle. It is a unique beer full of elegance and refinement with a delicious and lasting aftertaste.
Westmalle Tripel is usually poured from 33cl bottles into a branded goblet that perfectly holds the contents of one bottle. Tripel can also be purchased in 75cl bottles. Beer matures differently in larger bottles; fruity aromas are milder with greater maturity, and the beer takes on a subtle hint of vanilla.
  • Color: transparent, golden yellow with delicate white foam
  • Ingredients: water, barley malt, hop flower, yeast
  • Alcohol content: 9.5%
  • Format: 33 cl, 75 cl bottle
  • Serving temperature: 8-14°C

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